About Me

TheNoob Official

What is a Noob?

a person who is inexperienced in a particular sphere or activity, especially computing or the use of the Internet.

Who am I?

Hi I’m noob, I’m a content creator on YouTube and Twitch.
Born in the UK, but moved to Finland, I have a wife and 3 kids, one of which is autistic which makes for a challenging life with live content creating but completely do-able. I’m 33 years old and my hobbies are playing games, Gardening and Driving.

What Do I Play?

I Play Mainly Survival Games Like Ark Survival Evolved, Conan Exiles And 7 Days To Die But I Love All Game Genres And Will Play Almost Anything As Long As It Looks Interesting To Me.

Do I Collab

Absolutely! I love collaborating with other content creators, if you think we would stream well together join my discord or contact me via email and let’s see how it goes.